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Avon Maitland District School Board endorses and encourages groups to come together to become physically active, and to build strong and healthy communities within our school facilities.

Community Use of Schools is a Ministry of Education initiative, which supports access to schools during non school hours. To support affordable community access to school facilities the Ministry of Education provides school boards with an annual Community Use of Schools Grant, which boards use to subsidize rental rates for non-profit organizations.

For information on the CUS initiative, please refer to AP 550 Use of Facilities, which includes classification of usage and schedules of fees.

In addition to accepting the terms and conditions detailed in AP 550 Use of Facilities, all users must also acknowledge, review and understand AP 319 Concussion Protocol.

If you are interested in how to submit a permit to rent school space the video in User Guide on this website is an excellent starting point, or contact us for instructions.

Any changes in direction from Huron Perth Public Health in regards to COVID-19 will be communicated to the user group.